Come play Badminton in Truro



  1. The Club shall be known as Truro Badminton Club (hereinafter referred to as “The Club”).
  2. All members will be bound by the The Club constitution and its policies.
  3. The Club willpromotebadmintonfor all abilitieswithout discrimination
  4. The Club will maintain its membership of Badminton England
  5. The Club will uphold the Laws of Badminton, and comply with Official National and Local policies and guidelines
  6. The Club will actively work with Official National and Local badminton organisations and agencies
  7. The Club will be managed by a committee (hereinafter referred to as “The Management Committee”).
  8. The Management Committee
    • The Management Committee is responsible for,
      • Upholding the Club Constitution
      • Ratifying and upholding Club policies
      • Representing the members of the club
      • Managing the “day-to-day” running of the club
      • Forming and supervising all sub-committee’s
      • Disciplinary matters
      • The appointment of new officers to fill vacant posts
      • Setting the date and agenda for the AGM
    • The Management committee will consist of the following Officers of the Club appointed at the AGM,
      • Chairman
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Team Captains
      • Child Welfare Officer
      • Social secretary
      • Officers without portfolio
    • The Chairman of The Club, or a designated deputywill preside, over all Management meetings.
    • The management committee will meet as required
    • A minimum of 3 Officers, or their designated deputy is required for a quorum
    • The agenda is set by the Chairman
    • All additional agenda requests need be made in writing to the Chairman and received at least 24 hours before a meeting.
    • The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring the Club remains financially solvent and is financially secure for the future and has sufficient reserves to be able to pay for unexpected expenses
    • The Management Committee has the right to change charges, fees or subscriptions in exceptional financial circumstances.
    • Motions are passed if the majority agree. When necessary the Chairman will have the casting vote.
  1. Annual General Meeting
    • The Club will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in every year at the end of every badminton season
    • All paid up members are invited to the AGM
    • The date and draft agenda for the AGM will be sent to all members not less than fourteen days before the meeting.
    • The AGM is chaired by the Chairman of the Club
    • The Secretary will present the minutes of the previous AGM. The minutes must be approved by members at the AGM.
    • The Secretary and Chairman will present a report.
    • The Finance Officer will present a detailed report of the Club’s accounts to the end of the preceding financial year. The financial report must be approved by members at the AGM.
    • The AGM will set membership subscription rates and match fees and agree any concessionary rates.
    • Requests for additional items to the agenda need be made in writing to the Chairman and received at least 24 hours before the AGM. They are included at the discretion of the Chairman.
    • The AGM will appoint the Officers of the Club
      • Officers can be re-appointed without a vote if unopposed
      • New nominations require a proposer and a seconder
      • A member cannot nominate themselves
      • If more than one member stands the appointment will be decided by a ballot at the AGM.
      • Members unable to attend the AGM can submit a “postal vote” made in writing to the Chairman and received at least 24 hours before a meeting
      • When necessary the Chairman will have the casting vote.
      • Where appropriate one member can hold more than one office
      • Where appropriate, a role can be shared between members.
    • Changes to the constitution can only be made at the AGM.
      • Proposed changes must be submitted in writing to the Chariman not later than 7 days before the AGM.
      • Changes to the constitution require a two thirds majority vote to be passed
    • Club officers
      • Officers have a special responsibility to uphold the Club Constitution and Policies.
      • All posts are voluntary and unpaid.
      • Officers deemed to be failing in their responsibilities or who infringe Policies can be removed from their post by the Management committee
      • Officers can resign from their post at any time by writing to the Chairman
    • Sub-Committees

The Management Committee can create any Sub-Committee that it considers necessary.

  • Policies and Terms of Reference
    • The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring the Club has relevant and appropriate policies and Terms of Reference for sub-committee’s.
    • The Management Committee is responsible for ratifying all Club policies and ensuring they are reviewed at appropriate intervals.
    • Members are responsible for ensuring they know all Club policies.
  • Membership
    • Membership of The Club will be open to badminton players
    • Membership is by application to the Secretary
    • The Secretary is responsible for collecting applicants details and approving all members
    • The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse membership without explanation.
    • Membership may be postponed and an applicant put on a waiting list if the club has sufficient members.
    • Appeals, issues or concerns regarding membership must be made in writing to the Management Committee.
    • Membership only starts when any outstanding debts and the appropriate subscription have been paid.
    • Types of membership
      • Ordinary Membership
      • Junior Membership: restricted to persons under 18 years of age
      • Guest Membership is a temporary membership granted to visitors, players and supporters of visiting teams. Guest Membership cannot be conferred upon the same person more than four times in a season. Thereafter the person will be required to become a Member.
    • Membership Subscriptions
      • Membership Subscriptions and Match fees will be determined at the AGM and must be set at a level to ensure sufficient income will be provided for the continued financial security of the Club.
      • Concessionary rates for membership and matches will be agreed at the AGM. For example, families, persons engaged in full-time education, or the unemployed may be eligible for a concessionary rate. In exceptional circumstances the Management Committee can agree a concessionary rate for an individual member.
      • The rates for members joining late in the season will be agreed at the AGM
    • Members must pay their subscription within two calendar months of joining the Club.
    • Termination of Membership
      • Termination of membership should only occur in exceptional circumstances.
      • The Management Committee can terminate the membership of any person.
      • The member will be informed in writing when their membership is terminated and, if indicated, the reasons.
      • There is no entitlement to a rebate when the membership is terminated
      • A member has the right to appeal to the Management Committee
      • Termination of membership does not prevent a person from re-applying for membership.
      • Membership of supervised Junior Badminton is at the discretion of the Junior Badminton organiser.
    • Exclusion from the Club
      • Exclusion should only occur in exceptional circumstances
      • The Management Committee can exclude anyone from becoming a member of the club.
      • The person will be informed in writing that they have been excluded and, if indicated, the reasons.
    • Finance
      • The Clubs assets belong to the Club and are the responsibility of the Management Committee.
      • Any expenditure of The Club must be authorised by two officers of the club. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer have the authority to authorize emergency payments if necessary.
    • Extraordinary General Meeting
      • An extraordinary general meeting (EGM) will be convened by the Management Committee at any time within twenty-eight days upon the receipt of a request in writing signed by at least ten members of the Club specifying the object of the meeting.
      • Members must be notified of the EGM and receive a draft agenda no less than fourteen days prior to the meeting
      • An EGM must be convened if there is a risk The Club will be dissolved.