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Roll of Honour and Club Championships

Roll of Honour

When junior club players are ready they are encouraged to join the Senior club to enable them to continue to improve their game. This can occur at any time during the season. Any junior member who wants to play to a higher standard in the Senior club can talk to Tony or one of the Senior Club Committee members and ask to stay on for an hour on a trial basis to see how they get on.

We maintain close links with Cornwall Youth Badminton and encourage our members to attend trials for selection to their squads. The following club members, past and present, have represented Cornwall in league play.  In order of appearance:-

Neil Rowse
Eleanor Brookes
Luke Bristow
Stuart Milliner
Clare Johnson
Tom Berryman
Kiran Bhardwaj
Tony Chapman
Chris Cordell
Laura Stone
Sam Spencer
Aadithyan Kumaravel
Jack Kendall
Vinodh Arumugam
Ben Cooper
Chris Cooper
Alex Julyan
Forzana Shiyam
Ben Spencer
Sam Julyan
Duncan Covey
Elliot Dyer
Harry Dyer
Kelly Chow
Poppy Brunsden

Sofia Brunsden

Amy Mitchell

Louis Yule

Ollie Brooks

Isha Patwardhan

Junior Club Championship 2022


Our championships, resurrected after the prolonged delay due to the pandemic, were played in January.  All members are expected to play and, to achieve a degree of fairness, handicaps were in place for the first round.  With our smaller membership this year, we had 15 players taking part, split into 3 groups.  The two top scoring players from each group then played a quarter-final competing against players from other groups, while retaining those initial handicaps.  This then produced 3 overall winners plus the highest scoring runner-up to contest the semi-finals and ultimately the two winning players going through to the final.

This was a busy evening of badminton and all players gave their best.  It was perhaps no real surprise to see the three top seeds go through to the semis and there was a real – and pleasing – surprise to see one of our newest and least experienced members, Ibrahim, make it to the semis.  There he faced Maci who, although younger, has played before and trained with Cornwall Youth Badminton.  Maci came out on top, though Ibrahim played with real spirit and never gave up trying.  In the other semi, we had two more former CYB players, Isha and Ollie.  On the face of it, this could have been a mis-match as Ollie is very much more the physical player.  However, Isha possesses exquisite skills and her diminutive stature disguises the strength and strategy that took her into the last final that we held in 2019.  So this was no easy ride for Ollie but he found the way to counter his opponent to secure his place in the final.

Thus the final was a contest between Maci and Ollie, two very evenly matched opponents who went on to produce a classic men’s singles final.  Ollie clearly had a game plan which worked well, although Maci has great speed around court and a wonderful range of shots at his disposal; the scores were very even at the change of ends.  There was a clear tension in the game – both players very focussed – but it seemed to change a little when Ollie dumped a serve into the net, at which point he smiled and seemed to relax a little.  That relaxation was in his body rather than his brain and his game stepped up a gear and although Maci tried everything he could, Ollie’s power and tactic of keeping his opponent pinned deep in court was to prevail and he ran out a worthy winner at 21 – 14.

Club Champion 2022; Ollie’s name goes on to the trophy, here presented by Tony.

Photo credit: Sue Biscoe