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2023 AGM minutes

13th April 2023

Present (via Zoom)

Adam, Sue, Lorna, Chris, Emma, Jeremy, and Helen.

 Chair’s Report

Adam thanked Sue for her amazing work during the year, in setting up the hall each evening and finding venues when Penair was unavailable.

Adam thanked Chris, Emma and Jeremy for their work as treasurer, shuttle monitor and team captain during the year. 

Adam reported that we had a very good membership and at one point we had to close it to new members as we were at full capacity.

Sue’s Report

Sue reported on the Kernow Cup which was held at the beginning of April. Eight teams entered, which included two from Truro. It was a good fun well organised tournament and Truro came 3rd.

Sue sent the club photo to ‘Truro Voice’ who posted it on their back page.

Sue reported that Penair are replacing the sports hall floor.

Emma’s Report

Emma reported that she receives many enquiries through Facebook, but not many come along to club night. Emma hopes with the new photos on the club page we will look more appealing.

Regarding shuttles, Emma reported that we have 16 tubes left which will cover summer club. We had to place two orders for shuttles this year and she was concerned about the amount used. But the committee felt that the usage of shuttles was proportionate to the members playing. Emma is continually checking the price of shuttlecocks.

Emma will organise a social during the summer.

Chris’s Report

Chris prepared accounts for the meeting, see attached.

Chris suggested that we move some of the account to a Business Money Manager account which pays a small amount of interest which will cover our bank charges.

Regarding summer club, Chris reported that it was well attended initially, but the numbers tailed off. Chris said that there was plenty of interest for a Summer Club this year. Chris stated that the fees didn’t cover the cost last year and that we should charge a little more this year.

Summer Club

It was agreed that we would run a summer club this year. Sue has booked courts at SBA sports centre, from 2nd May until the18th July, 7.30-9.30pm.

The cost of the courts will be £823 for £13 weeks.

The cost to members will be £40 for the season or £5 per week.

Subs for next season

It was decided to keep the subs the same as last year.

Full member £100

Junior             £50.00

Visitor             £5.00

The meeting discussed limiting numbers if club evenings became too busy.

It was agreed to discourage people paying by cheques, because there is a cost of banking them.

Jeremy’s Report

Jeremy reported that the season was very tough, and the team was in too high a division. Next year they will be relegated to the lower division.

Seven matches were played and lots of players participated.

It was suggested putting a 2nd men’s team or a women’s team, but it was felt that we didn’t quite have enough interest

Officers for next season

Chair                Adam

Treasurer         Chris

Secretary          Helen

Shuttles             Emma

Men’s captain   Jeremy


It was decided that if club nights became very busy, we would close the membership to new members to prevent overcrowding.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm

AGM 2022


27TH APRIL 2022

Present (via zoom)

Adam, Sue, Chris, Emma, Penny, Jeremy Helen


Celia, Dick, Pat, Lorna and Tony

Chair’s Report

Adam reported that we had a brilliant season, with many new members. We used the ‘booking system’ for most of the season which helped to control visitor numbers. It was agreed that we needn’t use it next season.

Adam said that it was sad to lose Luke, and very sad to lose Tony who has been with the club for 31years and has done an excellent job running the junior club for most of this time. But the big question is ‘what next for a junior club?’

Adam thanked Chris and Emma in their new roles as treasurer and shuttle monitor.


Emma reported that we had plenty in stock for the summer club, and she was happy to remain as shuttle monitor

Treasurer’s Report

See attached

Once again, we have a healthy bank balance, so it was agreed not to increase subs

Full sub £100

Visitors £5

Students £50

Summer club £30 for season

Nightly fee £5

A discussion followed as whether we should have a sub for members who are struggling financially, and it was decided that this was to be left to the discretion of committee members


Emma offered to organise a summer social and include Tony. 

Members agreed that the club will buy a gift for Tony

Chris will research and share on WhatsApp

Match report

Jeremy reported that there were fewer matches this season playing either home or away and not both. It was a tough season with best result a draw against CSM. But all fixtures were played in good spirit, and he had no trouble finding players

Teams for next season

It was agreed to enter one Men’s team into the league

Junior Report

See attached

Election of Officers

Chair – Adam

Treasurer – Chris

Secretary –  Helen

Shuttles  – Emma

Matches – Jeremy


Emma asked if she should answer Messenger directly without referring to committee first. This was accepted

Chris asked if match fees were to be introduced for next season. It was decided not to

Chris reminded the meeting that new nets had been discussed earlier in the year; Chris will research this

Chris suggested we obtain club shirts, Adam will talk to Martin about this.

Jeremy and Penny wondered if we could arrange friendly matches. The meeting were happy for them to organise these.

Penny asked if there were any developments on the floor repair? It seems that this is ongoing issue which Penair are trying to resolve. But we as a club had no information on the work being done

The meeting ended at 9.30pm

AGM minutes 2020


AGM Sunday 31st August 2020

Present (via zoom)

Adam, Sue, Lorna, Jeremy, Emma, Luke, Tony, Helen


None received

Minutes of last meeting

No matters arising

Sue added that Truro won the Kernow cup

Chair’s Report

Adam reported that we had a good season, with club nights well attended. Shuttles were plentiful and Adam thanked Pat for this. Adam thanked Luke for organising the socials which were very enjoyable and well attended.


Pat reported that we had 32 doz in stock, which will last the season


Luke reported that the team had good matches with many close games, although he was disappointed on the number of matches available. The league has been suspended for the time being, but if the covid restrictions are lifted, the league should resume after Christmas


Again Luke reported on excellent socials, we had more than usual, and it was disappointing that we weren’t able to hold the final one of the season.

Treasurer’s Report

Pat reported that we were financially sound and that we had £4808.31 in the bank. Pat is looking to set up internet banking and possibly download the app

Subs for next season

It was agreed to half the subs for this season because the covid restrictions meant that we wouldn’t be able to use the prep school when Penair would not be available to us, thus anticipating a reduced season. Also, club nights could not be run in the usual mix in manner, which may reduce members enjoyment of club night. There will also be a reduction in affiliation cost 

Full member £60

Juniors and students £30

It was agreed that the maximum number of members would be 28, which would include 4 juniors


There will be no junior club in September. It is hoped to restart juniors after half term.

Sue reported that BE are lobbying the government to increase the bubble size . Currently it stands at 6. Once this happens, juniors will be able to restart.

Regarding the senior club night, Helen will set up a WhatsApp group for all members. A message will be sent out on Monday, asking who is available to play on Friday of the same week. Members will have until Wednesday to reply. We are only allowed 6 per court and there must be no mixing between courts. Social distancing must be adhered to when not playing.

Lorna advised the meeting that WCBL are giving grants up to £50 to help with covid related costs. Eg sanitizer, signage etc

It was agreed that players must commit to the evening, and they will be told their court by Thursday. 

First Aid

It was decided that we didn’t need to buy a first aid kit. Adam offered to source cold compresses in case of injury. Jeremy offered to source gloves and masks which must be worn if helping an injured player

Student Fayre

This is via zoom this year. It was agreed that we will attend, and take names and numbers of interested students, but advise them that they are on a reserve list for club nights

Election of Officers

Chair -Adam Widdison

Secretary – Helen Wright

Treasurer _ Pat Edwards

Shuttle Manager – Pat Edwards

Social Secretary – Luke Fullwood

Junior Report – given by Tony

We had to forego some of our traditional activities and end-of-year awards due to the early closure of the club when the pandemic restrictions came into force.  However, the season up to that point was our usual happy mix of social badminton with some serious coaching.  Our membership was down in numbers on previous seasons with 18 paid-up members, as opposed to the rather more usual 24 that we have had in the few seasons earlier.  Attendances ranged from 10 to 20 with an average of 14 over the season.  We are fortunate to have several county squad players whose attendance tends to help raise the overall standard of play.  Conduct was very good throughout the season and we had no real difficulties to overcome in terms of behaviour.  We do not segregate players according to standard or age, and this tends to produce a happy and cooperative atmosphere.  Before the current pandemic took hold we were able to stage our annual club championship, which produced a high quality all-girl final fought out between two of our county players.


Risk Assessment. Sue has carried out this, using the template from BE

Safeguarding – we use BE policies

BE have given a small discount on affiliation fees this year, but they have asked members not to take it.

It was agreed that we would pay the full amount per player but pay the discounted rate for club affiliation

AGM 2020


Zoom Meeting: reply to Helen Wright to be “invited”

20.00 30th August 2020


Minutes of last AGM


Chairman (Adam Widdison)

Secretary (Helen Wright)

Shuttle manager Pat Edwards

Team captains (including cups)

Social secretary

Treasurers report (Pat Edwards)

Fees for next season

Club subscription (NB Affiliation fee is fixed cost for all)

Instalment subscription

Students subscription, Late arrivals subscription


Visitors fee


Visit our website:

Venue update: rules

Government guidelines:

Badminton England Covid-19 Guidance for playing badminton


Return to play roadmap:

Covid-19 Officer


Covid-19 officer training:

Club night enrolment

Junior club (Tony Poole)

Teams for next season

Matters arising

Home matches on a Friday

Beginners badminton coaching

Social events

Selection of officers

Committee members

Any other business

Appendix: synopsis of key COVD-19 rules


  • Ensure the session implements a pre-booking system to manage the number of players attending each session allowing for you to maintain social distancing measures. You cannot allow members to play without them having pre-booked their attendance. Badminton England has made a booking system available to affiliated clubs at no cost –
  • Ensure contact details for all players attending are collected.
  • All participants (players, coaches, coordinators) have a responsibility to notify the Covid-19 Officer should they get symptoms of Covid-19. The person with symptoms should seek a test promptly and follow the NHS Track and Trace procedure –
  • Both singles play and doubles play can now take place in groups of people from different households, as long as you remain 2 metres apart as far as possible – meaning that four people from different households can play doubles.
  • You can play singles and doubles using all areas of the court, within the respective court markings – if social distancing between adjacent courts cannot be maintained, you should only use the singles court markings.
  • Whether playing singles or doubles, activity is restricted to groups of a maximum of six people. Players can rotate within the group but social distancing must be maintained within this group. You cannot move groups within a session.
  • You can have more than one group in a hall, providing you are able to maintain social distancing within the space available. A group could, for example, be housed on one court and its surrounding run-off area or across more than one court.
  • Other than where players are from the same household or part of a support bubble, follow Government advice on staying alert and safe, and:
  • Stay at least two metres away from other players (including during play) as far as possible, when taking breaks and before and after play 
  • Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high fiving)
  • Avoid chasing the shuttle down towards another court if other players are using it
  • For doubles, consider agreeing in advance which player will take the shot if a shuttle travels to the centre of the court
  • There will be strict equipment rules in place for rackets and guidance on the use of shuttles.

NB Venue specific restrictions will be in place and you will be responsible for ensuring you adhere to these.

Minutes of 2017 AGM

Truro Badminton Club AGM

12th April 2017 7.30pm



Apologies were received from Jenny, John and Celia



Tony, Sue, Lorna, Pat, Linzi, Helen


Ian Kendal

Before the meeting began, members took a few minutes to remember Ian who passed away in March.

Ian had been a member for many years, and had acted as treasurer until 2016. Sue, Pat and Tony attended Ian’s funeral.


Matters Arising

Tony reported that a ‘Confidentiality Health Disclosure’ should be included on a membership form, or as a minimum, we should verbally ask new members if they are willing to disclose health issues.


Chair’s Report


Secretary’s Report

Helen reported that members had suggested that the club form a WhatsApp group to improve communication between members.



Pat reported that we used 24 dozen shuttles this season, and we have 18dozen in hand. We almost have enough for next season, and we could buy the remainder from Newquay rather than buy a large quantity from the wholesaler.


Junior Report

See attached


Team Reports

The teams had a successful season. Duncan captained the mens team which easily won div 3 and will be promoted to div 2 next season. The combination and ladies team both came second in their divisions.

It was decided to enter the same team next year, but home matches will be played on Friday evenings.

Truro played in the final of the Carlton Cup, but were beaten by St Austell.


Treasurer’s Report

See attached for the accounts which Pat produced.

Pat reported that we spent £200 more than we received this season, but adding an outstanding bill from the previous season, our loss this year was £932. The club has been spending more than we receive for the last few seasons, and our surplus has diminished to £1,735.57. Consequently, subs will have to be increased, and the following rates were agreed.


Seniors           £120

Students         £75

Match Fees     £5

Visitors           £6

Instalment     £60 Sept + £60 Nov



Most Improved Player – Sam



Sue and Tony have offered to organise a promotion evening at the start of next season. This will take place on a club night in September.

Sue advised the meeting that the County Awards evening would take place on 6th May at the White hart Hotel, 5.30pm start

Also, the West Cornwall Champs will take place on 13th May, in Penzance.