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AGM 2022


27TH APRIL 2022

Present (via zoom)

Adam, Sue, Chris, Emma, Penny, Jeremy Helen


Celia, Dick, Pat, Lorna and Tony

Chair’s Report

Adam reported that we had a brilliant season, with many new members. We used the ‘booking system’ for most of the season which helped to control visitor numbers. It was agreed that we needn’t use it next season.

Adam said that it was sad to lose Luke, and very sad to lose Tony who has been with the club for 31years and has done an excellent job running the junior club for most of this time. But the big question is ‘what next for a junior club?’

Adam thanked Chris and Emma in their new roles as treasurer and shuttle monitor.


Emma reported that we had plenty in stock for the summer club, and she was happy to remain as shuttle monitor

Treasurer’s Report

See attached

Once again, we have a healthy bank balance, so it was agreed not to increase subs

Full sub £100

Visitors £5

Students £50

Summer club £30 for season

Nightly fee £5

A discussion followed as whether we should have a sub for members who are struggling financially, and it was decided that this was to be left to the discretion of committee members


Emma offered to organise a summer social and include Tony. 

Members agreed that the club will buy a gift for Tony

Chris will research and share on WhatsApp

Match report

Jeremy reported that there were fewer matches this season playing either home or away and not both. It was a tough season with best result a draw against CSM. But all fixtures were played in good spirit, and he had no trouble finding players

Teams for next season

It was agreed to enter one Men’s team into the league

Junior Report

See attached

Election of Officers

Chair – Adam

Treasurer – Chris

Secretary –  Helen

Shuttles  – Emma

Matches – Jeremy


Emma asked if she should answer Messenger directly without referring to committee first. This was accepted

Chris asked if match fees were to be introduced for next season. It was decided not to

Chris reminded the meeting that new nets had been discussed earlier in the year; Chris will research this

Chris suggested we obtain club shirts, Adam will talk to Martin about this.

Jeremy and Penny wondered if we could arrange friendly matches. The meeting were happy for them to organise these.

Penny asked if there were any developments on the floor repair? It seems that this is ongoing issue which Penair are trying to resolve. But we as a club had no information on the work being done

The meeting ended at 9.30pm