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2023 AGM minutes

13th April 2023

Present (via Zoom)

Adam, Sue, Lorna, Chris, Emma, Jeremy, and Helen.

 Chair’s Report

Adam thanked Sue for her amazing work during the year, in setting up the hall each evening and finding venues when Penair was unavailable.

Adam thanked Chris, Emma and Jeremy for their work as treasurer, shuttle monitor and team captain during the year. 

Adam reported that we had a very good membership and at one point we had to close it to new members as we were at full capacity.

Sue’s Report

Sue reported on the Kernow Cup which was held at the beginning of April. Eight teams entered, which included two from Truro. It was a good fun well organised tournament and Truro came 3rd.

Sue sent the club photo to ‘Truro Voice’ who posted it on their back page.

Sue reported that Penair are replacing the sports hall floor.

Emma’s Report

Emma reported that she receives many enquiries through Facebook, but not many come along to club night. Emma hopes with the new photos on the club page we will look more appealing.

Regarding shuttles, Emma reported that we have 16 tubes left which will cover summer club. We had to place two orders for shuttles this year and she was concerned about the amount used. But the committee felt that the usage of shuttles was proportionate to the members playing. Emma is continually checking the price of shuttlecocks.

Emma will organise a social during the summer.

Chris’s Report

Chris prepared accounts for the meeting, see attached.

Chris suggested that we move some of the account to a Business Money Manager account which pays a small amount of interest which will cover our bank charges.

Regarding summer club, Chris reported that it was well attended initially, but the numbers tailed off. Chris said that there was plenty of interest for a Summer Club this year. Chris stated that the fees didn’t cover the cost last year and that we should charge a little more this year.

Summer Club

It was agreed that we would run a summer club this year. Sue has booked courts at SBA sports centre, from 2nd May until the18th July, 7.30-9.30pm.

The cost of the courts will be £823 for £13 weeks.

The cost to members will be £40 for the season or £5 per week.

Subs for next season

It was decided to keep the subs the same as last year.

Full member £100

Junior             £50.00

Visitor             £5.00

The meeting discussed limiting numbers if club evenings became too busy.

It was agreed to discourage people paying by cheques, because there is a cost of banking them.

Jeremy’s Report

Jeremy reported that the season was very tough, and the team was in too high a division. Next year they will be relegated to the lower division.

Seven matches were played and lots of players participated.

It was suggested putting a 2nd men’s team or a women’s team, but it was felt that we didn’t quite have enough interest

Officers for next season

Chair                Adam

Treasurer         Chris

Secretary          Helen

Shuttles             Emma

Men’s captain   Jeremy


It was decided that if club nights became very busy, we would close the membership to new members to prevent overcrowding.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm